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Gaza Palestine humanitarian appeal

Over the course of less than 2 weeks, more than 5,000 Palestinians have been killed. Over 13,000 people have been wounded including

over 1,700 children dead, including many health workers and journalists missing or killed, thousand’s still missing under the rubble, over 30,000 buildings have been demolished and many thousands have been damaged. Over 1.3 million people misplaced and many homeless, and the number is rising by the day. The coming days and weeks are going to be even more devastating and challenging for the people of Gaza. In Gaza, food, water, fuel, and medical supplies are almost non-existent. Medical teams have been working tirelessly under horrific and dangerous conditions with shortages of medical supplies. Many hospitals demolished and many out of use or laying in ruins.

Many children and elderly left with life changing injuries with no safe access to hospitals or basic medical facilities. It seems that there is no place that is safe for a child in Gaza whilst this intense bombardment continues. Many thousands with no water to drink or wash. They have been drinking dirty and contaminated water which is leading to diseases.

Gaza is under a complete siege, They have been cut off from all food, water, fuel and electricity, internet, etc

Entire areas of neighbourhoods have been wiped out, including homes, hospitals, places of worship and schools. This is have left thousands with nothing, those who have escaped and sought shelter in schools, unfortunately these places have also been targeted by heavy and devastating bombardment.
Gaza was already struggling to cope and survive with the bare minimum before the bombing, now it is almost impossible to survive.
Your support is absolutely crucial in helping save lives of the Palestinian people in their time of dire need.
Please use your donation will help provide urgent Medical aid, Fuel, Food ,Water, Clothing, Blankets and shelter.

Help provide vital aid,
Please donate to help the people of Gaza Palestine.



 The spread of Covid-19 around the world & the war in Syria and the cold winter weather has affected thousands of children,

Children and their families without shelter and warm clothing will struggle to survive.

the majority are in refugee camps, these children urgently need your help.

4TheChildren is aiming to help feed and provide many needed items for the Syrian children & families.

"We are hoping to raise £10,000 to ensure every child has a healthy meal and a winter kit. "Please consider a gift

of £20 because children in Syria refugee camps are going hungry."


Today with the spread of Covid-19 around the world and the civil war in

Yemen two-thirds of the population - 19 million people - need aid.

12 million people in Yemen have faced the threat of famine brought on by years of civil war and

the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Children are dying of malnutrition due to food and water shortages.

Yemen’s deteriorating economic situation is putting essential public services on the verge of collapse;

humanitarian needs in the country are mounting. The UN has appealed for $2.1 billion to provide food and

other life-saving aid. Despite the on-going humanitarian efforts, famine is now real in Yemen.

The health system is near collapse. More than 19 million people lack access to

clean water and sanitation facilities, whilst 14.1 million people are in desperate need

of basic health care., 4thechildren is appealing for as much funds as possible to help women & children

who are in desperate need of food, clean water, and medical essentials, Please donate

what you can today to help make a difference and save lives tomorrow.



To donate to 4thechildren Text YEMN11 £10 to 70070  and make a difference today. 

To donate via text: SYRA44 £10_ to 70070
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4thechildren has managed to secure a number of ambulances in the aid of the Syrian refugees.

These ambulances can mean the difference between life and death. Hospitals and civilian medical centers are often attacked and destroyed by airstrikes. Millions need food, water, shelter and medical care. Women and children are mostly affected by this conflict; many have lost access to healthcare and are living in unsanitary conditions where the risk of disease is high.

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4thechildren refugee distrubution .jpg


4thechildren is primarily concerned with the safety, welfare and human rights of children's

By collaborating with local communities & schools through relief and development programmes,

4TC works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of colour, creed, status or religion.

Our main focus is on underprivileged children from low-income families and on refugee children.

Additionally, we aim to provide a level of support for their families.However,

we also seek to help children internationally where aid and relief is most needed.




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385 million children living

in extreme poverty,

says joint World Bank

Group – UNICEF study

Syrian Crisis Appeal Help bring
hope to Syria's children
Yemen crisis appeal 
Yemen is facing the 'world's
largest humanitarian crisis'
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