Protect the underprivileged from Coronavirus

Urgent appeal to support homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic

People who are homeless and underprivileged are hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

Together we can get vital care to vulnerable people.

The demand and need we are seeing at the moment are both significant and somewhat overwhelming."

We are also working closely with other charities in the city to set up food distribution and cleaning kits service for vulnerable people. This is an unprecedented crisis.

Donate now to help give the underprivileged and volunteers the support they urgently need.



*Watch, Try To Donate Whatever Little You Can, & Please Please Share.*

 The spread of coronavirus around the world & the war in Syria has affected thousands of children,

without shelter and warm clothing they will struggle to survive. The

majority are in refugee camps, these children urgently need your help.

4TheChildren is aiming to help feed and provide many needed items for *at least* 10,000 Syrian children & families.


Today with the spread of coronavirus around the world and the civil war in

Yemen two-thirds of the population - 19 million people - need aid.

12 million people in Yemen have faced the threat of famine brought on by two years of civil war and

the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Children are dying of malnutrition due to food and water shortages.

Yemen’s deteriorating economic situation is putting essential public services on the verge of collapse;

humanitarian needs in the country are mounting. The UN has appealed for $2.1 billion to provide food and

other life-saving aid. Despite the on-going humanitarian efforts, famine is now real in Yemen.

The health system is near collapse. More than 19 million people lack access to

clean water and sanitation facilities, whilst 14.1 million people are in desperate need

of basic health care.4thechildren is appealing for as much funds as possible to help women & children

who are in desperate need of food, clean water and medical essentials. Please donate

what you can today to help make a difference and save lives tomorrow.



To donate to 4thechildren Text YEMN11 £5 to 70070  and make a difference today. 

To donate via text: SYRA44 £10_ to 70070

4thechildren has managed to secure a number of ambulances in the aid of the Syrian refugees.

These ambulances can mean the difference between life and death. Hospitals and civilian medical centers are often attacked and destroyed by airstrikes. Millions need food, water, shelter and medical care. Women and children are mostly affected by this conflict; many have lost access to healthcare and are living in unsanitary conditions where the risk of disease is high.


4thechildren is primarily concerned with the safety, welfare and human rights of children's

By collaborating with local communities & schools through relief and development programmes,

4TC works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of colour, creed, status or religion.

Our main focus is on underprivileged children from low-income families and on refugee children.

Additionally, we aim to provide a level of support for their families.However,

we also seek to help children internationally where aid and relief is most needed.




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385 million children living

in extreme poverty,

says joint World Bank

Group – UNICEF study

Syrian Crisis Appeal Help bring
hope to Syria's children
Yemen crisis appeal 
Yemen is facing the 'world's
largest humanitarian crisis'

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