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4TheChildren is a UK-based children’s charity that was created in April 2016. We were originally made up of a small team of students and mothers, however as our work has expanded, so has the number of members and volunteers from the local community.



(4TC ) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) UK registered Children's Charity.

(4TC) seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development.


4TC is primarily concerned with the safety, welfare and human rights of children in the UK.

By collaborating with local communities & schools through relief and development programmes,


4TC works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of colour, creed, status or religion.

we supports local organisations within UK , which are best placed to understand local needs,

as well as giving help on the ground through many other NGO's.


What we do


We work with local school teachers to identify and reach out to the most vulnerable and underprivileged children in the local community, this includes child-refugees from broken backgrounds.

We also work very closely with June Kelly MBE who holds multiple awards for her charitable community work and extensive efforts to keep kids of the streets.

Despite being primarily UK-based, we also have an on-going project called 4TheChildren of Gambia, where we are supporting a Gambian orphanage and school that houses 97 children, also continues aid program to help the Syrian refugees.


How we help


The support we provide varies according to the need of the child/ children and their families.

This support typically includes, breakfast / lunch / dinner meals, school uniform support, shoes and clothing, winter-wear, bedding, white-goods, toys, etc.

We sponsor a local football team; Abraham Moss Warriors, which is coached by June Kelly MBE.

We also support local projects when we can; for example this Christmas we helped collect and deliver gifts from KEY 103’s Mission Christmas project to 520 disadvantaged local children in the central Manchester area.


Why we help


1 in 3 children are living in poverty in the UK. Yes, it is shocking.

Children are proven to underperform and fall behind in class when they are hungry.  They are also at risk of being bullied at school and having difficulties making friends when their uniform is too small or scruffy from wear and tear.


Furthermore, their health is at risk when they are exposed to the cold weather with little clothing on.

All these factors can hinder a child’s potential at school, and could  therefore be damaging to the child’s whole future.



Charitable objects


Our main focus is on refugee children and on underprivileged children from low-income families.

Additionally, we aim to provide a level of support for their families and homeless children.However,

we also seek to help children internationally where aid and relief is most needed.



4TheChildren has a 100% donation policy. Volunteers and members are unpaid.



donate to 4thechildren and make a difference today by Text
CHIL01 £3 to 70070   
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