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School breakfast club

Breakfast clubs can be especially valuable for children whose parents are not able to afford to provide them with regular morning meals. They can provide both short and long term health benefits. Children who receive breakfast often perform better at learning, and can also be better behaved. Breakfast clubs can also improve the child's long term health by providing a well balanced nutritious meal. Secondary benefits of breakfast clubs include improving attendance, helping to prevent disadvantaged children from experiencing social isolation, and helping with children who would otherwise not have adult supervision in the first hour or so before school. A significant majority of teachers hold the view that school breakfast clubs are beneficial in achieving educational goals.




4TheChildren delivered Kellogg’s cereal boxes to St Chads Primary School last month for the school’s Breakfast Club as part of our Breakfast Club school program. We partnered with June Kelly MBE and collected the generous donation from Kellogg’s.


Kellogg's Breakfast Club


Sadly, many children don’t get a breakfast and 1 in 7* in the UK and Ireland miss out entirely. That’s why we’ve provided millions of breakfasts for those in need. Now when you buy a box, you’re giving a bowl** to someone who might otherwise have gone without.

In this way, we can do something together to help ensure that more children in the UK and Ireland start the day the right way.

Watch Help Give a Child a Breakfast – Breakfast Clubs | Kellogg’s Video

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