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Thank you very much for considering a donation to our charity

Support to fund 4thechildren activities and programs is obtained through private and corporate donations.  

4thechildren is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) UK registered Children’s Charity.

(4TC) seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development, primarily concerned with the safety,

welfare and human rights of children.

Activities to include a UK context and to specifically work as a children’s charity.

By working with local communities & Schools through relief and development programmes

(4TC) works wherever the need is greatest, irrespective of colour, creed, status or religion.

Our main focus is on refugee children and on underprivileged children from low-income families. Additionally, we aim to provide a

level of support for their families and homeless children. However, we also seek to help children internationally where aid and

relief is most needed.


Ways to help:


Whether you choose to donate your time / fundraise or join 4TC, your support really makes an enormous difference

to the children, young adults and their families.

There are lots of ways to help 4TC children's charity, join other people, and make a big difference today.  

Donate your time. Fill in a volunteer form and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as your help is needed.

Raise awareness. This could be done in many ways, from social media to blogging about issues that you want to share.

Fundraise for 4TC. Be as creative as you like, just let us know what your ideas are and we will provide the relevant materials

(leaflets, collection boxes, etc.). You can fundraise online or offline, or both. All efforts are much appreciated by the 4TC team.

We are looking for companies or individuals to donate end-of-line and surplus stock (New items, shoes, clothing, bedding, etc.).

Local schools have highlighted an urgency for uniforms and school shoes for those students who come from underprivileged

backgrounds. The items will also be used to support their families.

Make a one-off donation or start a monthly donation. You can make a donation online through our secure online donation service.

Alternatively you can fill in the donation form on the reverse of our leaflets and follow the instructions provided alternatively email

us and we will send you the form. You can also send a donation by post via cheque, postal order, or direct debit.

Sell on eBay and automatically donate a percentage to 4TheChildren.

Sponsor an orphan child.

Sponsor one of the children’s activities programs.



What will happen with your donation?


What you’re about to do could transform the life of a child living in poverty.

Whether you decide to make a one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift, or donate an item, we promise that the donation you

make to the 4thechildren today will be used to help keep a child safe and help them from hardship and put a smile on their faces.

All donations, however big or small, can buy something genuinely useful for a child. 

We support local organisations within the UK, which are best placed to understand the local needs. Our support includes

(but is not exclusive to)

School uniforms & shoes

Breakfast and dinner meals

School equipment such as books

Children activities, etc

Orphan's sponsorship 

Syrian Crisis Aid

Refugee children Aid

The Gambia orphanage & school

Orphan & Families support 

Clean water for The Gambia 





ACCOUNT NO: 43858960  SORTCODE: 20-26-20


4TheChildren has a 100% donation policy. Volunteers and members are unpaid.


Tel: 0300 0300 010

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385 million children

living in extreme


says joint

World Bank

Group – UNICEF


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