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Urgent Appeal for an  orphanage in The Gambia

protect the underprivileged from Coronavirus


4thechildren have managed to obtain a piece of land in the Gambia in the hope to build a new orphanage.  Now we are trying to raise as much funds as possible in order to build an orphanage that will provide safety, security, and a hygienic environment for the 94 children. Included in this will be the income generation program and the malaria-prevention program. This program will include malaria tablets and quality mosquito nets. for the cost of the orphanage please email us for more details.

Every penny helps, and as generic as that may sound, it really is true. 60p a day is all it costs to provide basic food and schooling for a day in The Gambia.

Every child deserves to feel safe when they go to bed at night because every child is special.

£12 orphan sponsorship    £5.50 1 Quality mosquito net     £35 will provide a month worth of food for a family


£20 support an orphan & a widow.


Donate by Text  GAMB00 £5_70070



4TheChildren have 94 Gambian orphan and single-parent children in our care.

These children were abandoned by a previous organisation for 3 years. They were left hungry and neglected. Other charities refused to help them as they believed that this previous organisation was still providing them with aid,

The 4TheChildren team took over in November 2015 and raised funds from family and friends. We have managed to provide basic food and education for the past 18 months. This aid is very basic due to the lack of funds, but at least the children aren't going to bed hungry every night.

They live in a shelter which is made from mud and contains just one large hall. The children eat and sleep in this same hall, which contains no kind of sanitation. Their schooling is also done here.
The generous donations of our family and friends have enabled 4TheChildren to provide this basic shelter, food, and education for the children.

However, we believe that these children deserve better. The children desperately need sanitation facilities. The levels of hygiene are extremely low. The children are exposed to all kinds of infections and diseases.

A member of the 4TheChildren team witnessed a child lose their life simply because there was no more malaria tablets available. 50p could have saved this child's life.

Every child deserves to feel safe when they go to bed at night because every child is special.


(Please see below for more information)

------- Facts --------

The Gambia is one of Africa's smallest and poorest nations, ranking 168th out of 187 countries in the United Nations Development Programmes.

Underlying the high poverty rates is the country's relative lack of economic diversity, which makes The Gambia highly vulnerable to increasingly erratic rainfall, food price volatility and financial crises.

The consequences of rural poverty include widespread food and income insecurity resulting from weather-induced crop failures and shortages of cash.

Over 60% of all Gambians live in extreme poverty. Every year, poor households in rural areas face the 'hungry season',

More than 100,000 children under 5, and pregnant and lactating women, are projected to be at risk of acute malnutrition due to several factors including poor infant feeding practices; increasing household food insecurity; increased disease burden particularly related to inadequate WASH services; limited knowledge and low awareness of caregivers with regard to essential nutritional and hygiene practices.

Inadequate access to basic social services such as health, safe and clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene aggravates high prevalence of childhood diseases, especially malaria and diarrhea.

Water and sanitation related-deaths represent 20% of under-five (U-5) deaths.

Disabled persons in The Gambia, especially women and children, are considered to be among the poorest and most marginalized and their condition is aggravated by mythical, social and cultural beliefs about persons living with disabilities.

Social condescending attitudes reinforce tendencies to exclude them from benefiting in many social development programs.

 Help children in The Gambia

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